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Trust your vehicle to our professionals at Auto Repairs by Rick in Miami, Florida. We specialize in Jeep repairs and maintenance services. Our auto repair center is locally owned and operated with local on-site management. That means your feedback goes straight to the top. We work hard to serve you and work around your busy schedule. Learn more about: Our Services!

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Our specialized diagnostic equipment can perform hundreds of tests in seconds; thereby obtaining the information necessary to get your vehicle back on the road, fixed correctly and quickly!

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Our Service Specialists use Mopar parts - the only parts designed and engineered for vehicles like yours.

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Dare to compare our service prices and we think you'll agree:

 it's best to stick with: The Jeep Doctor of Miami Auto Repairs By Rick.

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Frequently Asked Questions!

RepairsQ. Will it hurt my engine if I drive my car when the check engine light is on?
A. It is possible but not too likely.  However, you do need to get your vehicle checked out as soon as possible.  You may see a decrease in performance.

Q. What is the primary cause of tire damage?
A. Although there are many things that can cause tire damage, improper inflation is the main problem we see. Always keep a tire pressure gauge in your vehicle and frequently check the pressure of all tires.

Q. How do I know when my car needs a tune up?
A. You may see your gas mileage decrease.  Your vehicle may start running rough.  If your check engine light comes on that could  also be an indicator that your vehicle needs a tune up.  The owners manual that came with your vehicle may suggest a tune up at a certain mileage.

Q. When should I have my timing belt changed?
A. Depending on the vehicle a timing belt needs to be replaced between 60,000 and 120,000 miles.

Q. When do I need to replaced my belts and hoses?
A. If you can see cracks in your belts, it is time to have them replaced.  We recommend replacing your belts and hoses at least every three to four years.  If your hoses look swollen or soft that could be an indicator that they need to be replaced.  However, hoses can deteriorate on the inside and if this happens there is no visual evidence that the hose needs to be changed.

Q. Why do I need to have my engine oil changed every 3,000 miles?
A. The additive in the oil starts to break down as soon as it heats up to high temperatures.  The engine in your vehicle will reach over 200 degrees almost every time you drive it.  History has proven that the 3,000 mile mark is a good interval to have your engine oil replaced.  You never want to just drain your engine oil out and put new oil in without changing the oil filter.  The oil filter will hold about a quart of oil.  If you do not change the oil filter when changing the engine oil in your vehicle you are combining your clean engine oil with deteriorated engine oil and this will lessen the effectiveness of the new engine oil you just put in your vehicle.


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